Friday, September 14, 2012


jacey and ayla and all the people we harassed in sylvan lake

lady bonet

ew i hate the term "lady boner" alls i think about it a hard little extended clit, nope, no thanks! ew the word clit is the worst EWWWWUH there is no proper synonym for it! GOD! i have said lady boner before, and i regret it every time! like when you buy underwear with no knowledge of how it fits and then you get home and rip all the tags off and put it on and you're like looks like i have a lady boner. EW.

Friday, August 31, 2012

oh hi there

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the boiz r back in town

this is turkish oil wrestling. its a real thing. two beefy men cover themselves in baby oil and then kiss for good luck and then they wrastle around and the goal is to tuck the other man's penis into his own butthole, very advanced stuff. i'm pretty sure this "sport" was invented for horny housewives who are watching this and someone comes in they're like "WHATNOTHING" and exit it so fast and the exit is what makes it suspicious, thats what happened when i was 12 and my mom walked in and i was watching Drrrty by Xtina